From the field to the factories without realtors

Fully manufactured in Ethiopia in one of the most advanced factory in the world, in a country where

sesame seeds are branded top quality compared to all other manufacturing countries.

Adjacent to our factory you can find the Humera sesame seeds warehouses of one of the largest

distributors on in Ethiopia, giving our onsite production manager access to top tier Humera

sesame seeds before they even offered to the market granting us quality advantage at all times.

The Humera species is distinguished by growing in naturally fertilized grounds on the north

Western region of the country on the border of Sudan.

We only use 100% Humera sesame seeds - best in the world.

  • Our sesame seeds goes through a 3 step cleaning and mapping procedure.

  • Peeling.

  • After peeling, the sesame seeds are being washed and reach optimal humidity before drying.

  • After we dry our sesame we clean it one more time before it moves to a 3 step grinder that

  • gradually brings it to a perfect working texture.

  • The Tahini we produce is packed in 18kg net buckets.

  • The buckets are sealed and ready to load on a container.

Sako import & export Ltd. | 3 Eliahu eitan st. rishon lezion | +972-58-5539339

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