100% Ethiopian Humera seeds

Our Tahini is made in Ethiopia from the best quality sesame seeds on the planet.

With each bucket weighs 18kg net, our Tahini can only be commercially purchased.

As of today, 100% Humera Tahini is a very rare commodity due to its high cost.

The Humera seeds top quality is expressed by its ability to absorb fluids therefore allowing you

to gain more product using less raw material, you can make a Tahini/hummus salad and gain

5%-10% more product using the same raw material comparing to all other tahini brands, this

index makes sure we are maximizing results and minimizing costs.

Dido Tahini is Kosher by Badatz Beit-Yosef.

Sako import & export Ltd. | 3 Eliahu eitan st. rishon lezion | +972-58-5539339

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